Applied Operating Model Design Course Launch

Applied Operating Model Design (AOM) has been updated and upgraded to provide more time for workshop participants to absorb and practice the method from THE STRATEGY JOURNEY Framework. The course focuses on Service Design techniques from the framework to transform the Operating Model in the Digital Age. Learn More about the new course Transforming Operating Models with Service Design … below …
[UPDATED 04 MAY 2018]

Launching Applied Operating Model Design

In May and June 2017, the Stratability Academy successfully launched our Applied Operating Model Design course in Sydney Australia and London UK. Both inaugural courses were run by course author, our very own CEO, Julie Choo, who provided insights into her techniques for operating model design and implementation of operating model transformation honed from over 15 years as a practicing business architect. The course covers how businesses can shape their operating model to become more effective and agile in the Digital Age.

This is the first industry certified course based on THE STRATEGY JOURNEY Framework, covering three of the models in the methodology including the Value Model, Operating Model and Transformation Model. The main focused is to help attendees apply strategy design, the WHAT, though to strategy execution, the HOW.

What are our Customers Saying?

It has been great to receive such positive and encouraging feedback from our attendees including the Head of Business Design at a global consumer goods insurer, who said that the course was unique and unlike anything else out there.

This course is the only thing out there that truly covers the scope of how complicated Operating Models really are and helps to bridge that gap between Strategy Design and Strategy Execution. I have read many books and been on many other courses, that only repeat theory that I already know or over simplify everything. None have shown me how to practically tackle the transformation and change execution gap using value streams and the customer journey like in this course – Applied Operating Model Design.

Another attendee, who is the CIO of a global media company said:

It was just at the right level of detail for me and I think more senior people should attend this course. It opened my eyes to what areas that we need to address in our organisation and I have lots of next steps to take back to discuss with my CEO and with my team.

Two other attendees, the solutions architect and the transformation program lead from a major public sector transport network in the UK, both said:

The unique way that the course covers how to use shared services and show how the IT organisation can work together with the business is key to the success of all operating model change implementations. We hope to take these methods back and implement them.

Find out more about what other attendees thought of the course from our blog: Go to blog 

Co-creating with Alumni

As result of the great feedback from our alumni, we have actually been continuously updating the course and workshop – in essence co-creating with everyone. Through this engagement with our alumni, we have gathered a lot of input into the customer journey of learners who want to learn about Business Architecture, Operating Models and the strategy-to-execution lifecycle – the THE STRATEGY JOURNEY Framework.

We’ve had so many alumni ask us to include content about handling digital disruption and digital transformation. They have also asked us how to better deliver value that is aligned to strategy to help improve benefits realization or return on investment (ROI).

Three Guided Paths through THE STRATEGY JOURNEY

So we hear you – AND we have updated and upgraded Applied Operating Model Design to 3 simpler, better and faster courses too as they are all 3 days rather than 4 days. Each of these workshops align to one of our 3 guided paths in THE STRATEGY JOURNEY Framework:

  1. Business Design for Disruption
  2. Transforming Operating Models with Service Design
  3. Managing the Transformation Journey

All three paths and hence workshops are focused on allowing enterprises of all shapes and sizes, to join the dots on their strategy-to-execution journey. And they are tuned to help enterprises transform in the face of all the disruption and the rapidly changing ecosystem that is our Digital Economy.

In addition to the these new updated and upgraded courses, we have also created THE STRATEGY JOURNEY Community, a member’s portal with access to lots of free materials including downloadable templates, whitepapers, case study examples, webinars and more… Members can share their successes as well as ask questions on the community forum too. All course participants and alumni have additional access to their course materials from the Member’s Portal.

Transforming Operating Models with Service Design

This new 3 day workshop is the closest direct replacement for Applied Operating Model Design, but the content been significantly updated and upgrade, including the Case Study materials.

The Transforming Operating Models with Service Design path is a value-drive approach, with the tools and techniques focused on producing value for an enterprise and all its stakeholders. In this workshop, we take learners on a journey, providing a guided path through 7 of the templates that form THE STRATEGY JOURNEY Framework. Course participants get to practically apply design thinking techniques to solve a case study scenario using the 7 templates. Of course the workshop covers the inputs and outputs from these 7 templates, which are all aligned to producing value. An additional 8 templates that form the next steps following the outputs that are designed during the course are also introduced, to help the process of taking participants into the path for Managing the Transformation Journey.

With New Multi-sided Case Study Challenges

Our previous case study on BankCo. used in the Applied Operating Model Design course was very challenging for attendees outside the banking industry who found it difficult to relate to their own situations. So we have changed the case study to one that covers an Ecosystem that involves Digital, Learning, Real Estate, Community & Marketing, Funding and Venture Capital, Multi-sided Platforms, and more…

What’s great about this new case study is its ability to be cross industry, covering almost any industry situation. It covers both commercial and public sector problems. It also covers internal services to internal customers such as IT, Operations and Infrastructure Services, and of course external facing customer services or value propositions. Multi-sided platforms are covered too, with this being a big trend in the Digital Economy.

In fact, workshop attendees can choose within their teams on the course, who their customers are and design a new Service and Operating Model during the 3 days to solve a specific problem. They then move onto to workout HOW to transform the Operating Model. Every attendee who actively participates will walk away with an outcome for their  case study challenge.

Of course our Stratability Academy Certified Trainers are on-hand to help explain how to relate any specific or particular industry or organization problems to the case study challenges on the workshop too

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