Stratability CEO heads to Singapore on a Trade Mission

5 September 2017: Julie Choo, Stratability CEO heads to Singapore on a Trade Mission with Enterprise Nation.

Along with other digital and technology companies, Stratability will be in Singapore for the three-day mission in September which is focused on digital, tech and creative businesses.

Singapore is the perfect location for ambitious British brands with benefits including a common language, strong historical ties and similar business and legal practices. It is also recognised as having Asia’s strongest intellectual property protection, with a highly skilled and educated local population.

The three day mission from 20-24 September is open to just 25 brands who will gain:

  • an understanding of the creative technology landscape in Singapore
  • the ins and outs of tax, legal, trade and finance process and systems
  • opportunity to make sales, connections and collaborations with local agencies, government representatives, accelerators and your fellow mission goers
  • meetings with entrepreneurs who will share their learnings and successes

As you know already, Julie is a big fan of Singapore. Ranked by the World Bank as one of the easiest places in the world to start a business, two thirds of British exports to South East Asia head to Singapore.

And it is easy to see why. With its proven track record at running this small island country like a business with an Agile Operating Model, Singapore is a perfect example of THE STRATEGY JOURNEY framework in action! Writing on THE STRATEGY JOURNEY blog earlier this year, Julie goes into what Singapore has done to create an environment for innovative businesses and cutting-edge technology.

As well as taking part in the Trade Mission, Julie will be in Singapore for the global launch of Stratability. Taking our unique training and learning offerings to such an innovative market is exciting for us and we are looking forward to meeting new businesses and people to work with and alongside in the future.

Enterprise Nation were keen to get Julie’s thoughts on the Trade Mission before she leaves and you can read more about what she is hoping to achieve in Singapore in her interview on the Enterprise Nation blog.


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