Business Shaping for Entrepreneurs inaugural course

Our inaugural Business Shaping for Entrepreneurs course and workshop took place in September 2016 in London. Since this workshop, the Stratability Academy is now transitioning to a new set of courses on Transformation for SMEs – coming soon in 2019!

This first workshop ran over 2 days to provide participants with a hands-on experience where they get to apply the techniques and use the tools from THE STRATEGY JOURNEY® Framework directly on their businesses and ideas. The course was very much a ‘HOW TO’ course, and not a ‘WHAT else do I need to do course’ for those who wanted that helping hand in the early stages of their business journey.

The workshop was specially designed to help startups and smaller businesses early on in their journey to validate their mission and vision and their business model, as well as design key components that form the foundation or bedrock of their business before they begin to scale. This is the essence of what we call BUSINESS SHAPING in the framework and method.

This highly practical workshop included a copy of THE STRATEGY JOURNEY® Workbook (version 1), which was used throughout the course so that participants could walk away with an early set of strategies and a roadmap to help them move their business forward. We strongly encouraged our participants to keep testing and validating their strategies with their customers and staff to ensure a robust transformation journey that will both onboard and embed successfully.

We use the framework ourselves to run our business as well as supporting all of our courses and learning programs for individuals and enterprises, so many of the worked examples are of the Stratability Academy.

The inaugural workshop was run by Julie Choo, our own founder here at the Stratability Academy and lead author of THE STRATEGY JOURNEY® Book (coming out in November 2018).

Here are some comments from a few attendees…whom we’d like to thank for providing heaps of great feedback.




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