CEO Julie Choo at the Umbraco Festival UK 2016

As well as working hard writing THE STRATEGY JOURNEY® book, out in November 2018, our Founder and CEO Julie Choo has been out and about speaking at events and workshops.

On Friday 4th November she spoke at the Umbraco Festival UK 2016 at the great CodeNode venue in London.

Speaking about how you can bring a strategy mindset to software development and project management, Julie shared her love for gaming, Starwars, Football and Formula One! We were pleased to see that she won a convert to one of her favourite sports:

But it wasn’t all gaming anecdotes and inspirational quotes. At Stratability we see a world where individuals and organisations are driven by passion. By helping others to master THE STRATEGY JOURNEY® we can help them to be successful in life and business and follow that passion to success. Being part of events like this is a big part of starting a conversation about how we plan and execute for success and how we can help others to do the same.  

See a video of the talk in full here:

NB: Thanks to Cogworks for organisating the Umbraco Festival UK 2016 and sharing the above video.

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