Corporate, Group & Team Accounts


Many of Stratability’s Learning Products (eg. eBooks, Tools… ), Courses and Programs, including our corporate training services, are available for purchase in ‘multi-license’ packs by enterprises, who can issue access to their ‘users’ including members, employees, students, participants, delegates or any other licensees.

All new our ‘multi-license’ packs for enterprises are purchased directly with a member of the Stratability Team as part of our Enterprise Services. Please contact us via our Enterprise Services Enquiry form if you wish to discuss our services. A member of our team will respond within 48 business hours to set up a meeting and/or call.

We refer to all ‘multi-license’ packs purchased from us as a ‘Team’ on the Stratability Academy Platform, including all the guidance documentation below.

Guides & Instructions

Below are the guides with instructions for the following actions (click on the link to jump to each guide):

Enterprise Account and Teams Setup

Upon agreement of your ‘multi-license’ pack terms and pricing with a member of the Stratability Team, you will be sent a ‘Checkout Form’ or ‘Invoice’ in order to initiate your order and pay for your first ‘multi-license’ pack.

This is where you should indicate the name of your ‘Team’ which we will use to present your ‘multi-license’ pack on our platform. This ‘Team’ name is used in further communications including notification messages and emails to your users, so it is important that you provide a ‘Team’ name that accurately represents the service, course access, etc… that your users will receive. See how you can change the Team Name as an Account Owner once logged in to the Stratability Academy Platform here.

When your payment has been received and processed by us, you will receive an email with your login details for your Enterprise Account, where you will be able to perform admin functions for each ‘Team’ that you own and manage. See login instructions here.

My Teams Dashboard

When you login as an Account Owner, you will be directed to your ‘My Teams’ Dashboard, instead of the main Stratability Academy Dashboard seen by all other users. Here is where you can see a list of the teams you own and select a specific team to view and manage. If you purchased different sized ‘multi-license’ packs (eg. 10, 50, 100, 250, 500 license packs), each pack size purchased is setup as a different and separate team.

NB: If you wish to change your initial redirect page on login, to our Stratability Academy Dashboard, please contact our enterprise services team.

Account Owner Login with Manage Teams Access

Account Owners can login to your Enterprise Account using the ‘login details’ sent to you via email, and from any of our user login access points including:

Main ‘User Login’:

This is where you will land from the login link in your ‘login details email’ from us, and should you click the ‘login’ button from our main menu on any of our websites, including Stratabiity.Co, StrategyJourney.Com, and StratabilityAcademy.Com. The User Login URL is:

Stratabiilty.Co homepage:

Click on the ‘Login’ button from the top navigation menu, to go to the main ‘User Login’ (above).

NB: Similar menu buttons on or our other sites will also take you to the ‘User Login’.

Navigating to ‘My Teams Dashboard’ from anywhere (logged in only):

When logged in, you can navigate to the ‘My Teams’ Dashboard by selecting ‘Manage Teams’ from the PROFILE menu in the top right corner in the header. This menu item will only show for ‘Team Owners’ and also any one who has been setup as a ‘Manager’.

Viewing and Managing a Team from ‘My Teams Dashboard’:

The ‘My Teams Dashboard’ lists each of the teams you own (or manage) indicating the number of existing license seats available per team (purchased from the ‘multi-license’ packs) and the number of ‘users’ who have taken their license seats as ‘Members’.

Click the ‘View’ button to navigate into a specific Team in order to perform your Admin functions such as inviting and removing members, adding seats, or changing the name of the Team, etc…

Manage and Remove Users

‘Members’ Management:

Clicking the ‘View’ button for a specific ‘Team’ from the ‘My Teams Dashboard’ will take you to a list of all existing ‘Members’ with details of their ‘ROLE’ and the buttons to change their access levels:

Click the ‘Remove’ button to revoke access for a user. You may want to do this because the user no longer requires their seat, such as a ‘cancellation’ of their membership or service, or when an employee leaves. This will free up a seat for another user.
Click the ‘Set as manager’ button if you want to promote a member to have ‘Manager’ role access. This will provide the ‘Manager’ with the same ‘Team Management’ privileges as the ‘Owner’ to manage other members. However, a ‘Manager’ will not have access to purchase additional license seats automatically from the Platform.
Click the ‘Set as member’ button to remove ‘Manager’ access privileges and set the user back to a normal ‘Member’.
An Account ‘Owner’ may optionally take up one of the license seats to access the content resources that are available to the ‘Team’. This access can also be removed using the ‘Remove’ button to free up the license seat.

Add Users and Manage Pending Invitations

‘Add Member’ options:

Clicking ‘Add Member’ on the left side navigation menu enables you to add/invite new users and give them license seats as members in 3 ways:

Owner Access:
Account Owners may or may not want access to the actual learning resources provided to the Team itself. If access is required, just click on the ‘add yourself as a member’ link to gain access.

NB: Only an owner can issue themselves with a license.
Registration link:
Copy the ‘registration link’ (above) and share it via email with your new user member, whom you wish to invite to join the ‘Team’ and receive access to its permitted resources. All new members who join via this link, will join with a ‘Member’ role only.

As this link is not unique nor protected if known to any visitor, we suggest you use your CRM system or other means such as bitly URL masking to protect this link, if you feel it is necessary. Most CRM systems allow you to add a link to ‘text’ or a ‘button’ as a URL, as well as tags and other IDs to let you track your individual contact and customers, and their activities including specific link clicks. eg. You can append contact ids to the end of the link provided such as <?contactid=”234″>, with no impact on the operation of the link. Please contact your CRM administrator for this functionality. Stratability Academy cannot take responsibility for your CRM’s functionality or management.

NB: If you have compromised your registration link, you can click the ‘Regenerate link’ button for a new one, but this will invalidate old ‘pending invitations’, so make sure you cancel them before using this function. See details on how to manage ‘Pending Invitations’ here.
Add Member via Email Invitation:
An automated invitation email with a private link to a registration page, will be sent to your new user member, upon entering an ‘Email*’, selecting a ‘Role*’, and clicking the ‘Add member’ button.

This email invite is sent from the Stratability Academy using our email su*****@st**********.co. It will indicate that the email is an invitation from the ‘Account Holder’, as well as which Team it is for and the specific resource provided or gifted. This is why you should ensure a good name for your Team that is representative of the service, training or level of access that your user will receive as a member.

NB: We strongly advise you notify your invitees in advance via a separate email, that they will receive an invite from Stratability Academy prior to sending them this automated invitation email from the Stratability Academy Platform.

Here is an example invitation email:

Managing ‘Pending invitations’:

Navigate to ‘Pending invitations’ by clicking on ‘Members’ in the left navigation, and then click on ‘Pending invitations’ link. Here you can:

View all pending invitations sent via the ‘Add Member via Email Invitation‘ option
Select the ‘Resend’ button to send the invitation email again
Change the ROLE of the ‘Member’ to a ‘Manager’ with the ‘Set as manager’ button
Select the ‘Cancel’ button to invalidate the private invitation link that has already been sent via email to a pending user member.

NB: Invites sent with the ‘Registration link’ are NOT included in this list as ‘Pending invitations’.

Purchasing additional license seats

Add Seats via ‘Team Settings’:

Owners of an ‘Existing Team’ can purchase additional licenses in blocks based on the ‘multi-license’ pack originally used to setup the ‘Team’. So if the original pack is for 250 license seats, you can purchase additional packs by clicking on the ‘Add Seats’ button in ‘Team Setting’.

This displays the details of the product pack available for purchase, so you can add the number of blocks or packs, before clicking ‘Submit’ to go to the ‘Checkout Form’ where you can make payment and gain immediate access to these new seats purchased, that you can issue to more users.

If you require seats in different block sizes that are not currently setup as a Team, please submit your request using our Enterprise Services Enquiry form and a member of our team will be in contact within 48 business hours.

Changing the Team Name

Changing the Team Name in ‘Team Settings’:

Account Owners have the permission to edit the Team Name in ‘Team Settings’. Just enter the new name and click ‘Update name’ to save it across the platform. All new system generated email invites will indicate this new name.

User Sign-Up and Registration by Invitation

New User Registration to join a Team

The ‘Registration link’ which you share via email with users to invite them to join a Team, will take them to a Registration Form. It will indicate the team they are joining and the specific access or membership level they will receive as illustrated below.

On this Registration Form, the invitee can add their details to create an account on the Stratablity Academy Platform, or if they already have login details from our other services, they can login and the resources will be added to their account.

If an invite is sent via the ‘Add Member’ function from the Stratability Academy ‘Members’ page inside ‘My Teams’, then the email address in this form is pre-populated and the invitee’s acceptance through Registration is also tracked through ‘Pending invitations’. See how to manage ‘Pending Invitations’.

Existing User Registration to join a Team

The invitee will be alerted if they have an existing account with Stratability Academy, should their email match an email already registered on the Platform as follows:

If the ‘Registration Link’ is used, then the alert will be shown on the Registration Form, indicating to login with their existing account.
If the ‘Add Member’ invite is sent, then their email invitation will be worded differently to indicate that they can login to claim their additional resource automatically under the appropriate ‘Team Name’, and they will be asked to register via the following special LOGIN screen.

User Login and Access to Team Resources

User ‘Logs In’ to access resources from Dashboard:

Once registered in a Team, the Team Member becomes a ‘User’ who can login using any login link from any Stratability website, including Stratabiity.Co, StrategyJourney.Com, and StratabilityAcademy.Com, which will take them to the main ‘User Login’ for the Platform.

See an example of ‘login’ button in the top menu bar of the Stratability.Co website here.

The User Login URL is:

Successful login will take users to the main Dashboard where they will see a list of all the resources that they have access to, including those available through their Team(s). They will then be able to navigate to specific resources such as an eBook, Training course or Program, from their Dashboard.

NB: Users may join multiple teams from different enterprises, as well as access resources purchased personally if using the same email. Individual users may choose to use multiple emails for each of their Teams as well as personal use, but each email would create a separate account on the Stratability Academy Platform.
eg. A user may have a personal Stratability Academy Account using their personal email, as well as a Work-based account that they used for access to their Team resources, using their corporate or work email.

User accesses resources from a link or URL (on a Partner Platform)

Team Resources including specific pages, posts, articles and papers can be referenced and linked via URL from a Partner Platform, such as a Corporate Intranet, or other Professional Qualifications, etc…

When a user clicks on this link or URL located within a Partner Platform, they will automatically be redirected to the specific linked page and resource, if they are logged in to the Stratability Academy Platform with the correct email account registered to the associated Team.

If they are not logged in, then they will see a ‘Content Restricted’ page where they will be asked to login. This ‘Content Registrated’ page will indicate which specific Team-based resource they attempted to access and may provide specific instructions on how they can access or register for access if they are a new user.

On successful login with the correct email account registered to the appropriate Team, the user will automatically be redirected to the specific linked page and resource (as redirected in the Partner Platform).

See example Resource page or post that the users are redirected to here.

Example ‘Content Restricted’ notifications:

Tailored messages can be added on the ‘Content Restricted’ page on request. The page may be linked to tailored instructions for registration too. Tailored content is usually discussed during the Account and Team set-up process with the Account Owner. Please contact our Enterprise Services Team to discuss further.

Add Bespoke Notifications and References to Resources

As part of our Enterprise Services and during the Team Setup process (additional paid service), Account Owners may request bespoke and tailored notifications or references to be added on a per page or post basis for specific resources. eg. This could be a branding related message, further advertising, or specific references to other content or resources.

Please complete our Enterprise Services Enquiry form if you have any specific questions regarding this service.

Resource page/post example with Notification or Reference: