Training Levels, Content Depth & Learning Methods

There are many ways to learn. Some people learn better from reading, listening or watching a practical demonstration, while others need more hand-holding. How you like to learn may also change based on your personal development journey and the specific problems including their level of complexity that you face at a point in time.

At the Stratability Academy, our learning resources and training supports these 5 methods of learning:

SELF-HELP GUIDE: THE STRATEGY JOURNEY Book supported by the 5 Model and 5 Strategy Journey Canvases plus some of our other resources from our Free Resource Library, provide practical guides with case study examples you can follow to tackle challenges on your own, in a READ-ONLY format.

RESOURCE LIBRARY: The STRATEGY JOURNEY HUB comprises workbooks & toolskits including the Extended Strategy Journey Framework with the full library of 25 canvases for you to learn at your own pace. There are on-demand masterclasses & tutorials, numerous short courses available in reading and video formats, plus other downloadable materials and practical exercises or quizzes, that are constantly reviewed and updated with the latest trends… The HUB also comprises additional support from a community of other like-minded peers plus monthly LIVE COACHING from our mentors and experts to help you learn in an open environment. All resources including live coaching and mentoring sessions are accessed via membership to a private group and its community forums, available on the Stratability Academy Platform.

STEP BY STEP TRAINING: Stratabiliy’s Path-Based On-Demand Training Courses and Programs provide full step-by-step instructions and roadmaps on HOW TO solve specific business problems, comprising videos lessons, case study examples, and practical exercises that you can follow to develop the strategies and solutions for your specific challenges. Courses are accessed via the Stratability Academy Platform.

CASE-BASED TRAINING: Some of our step-by-step Training Courses are run with virtual classrooms over a set period of weeks, that include practical exercises based on your real live case studies, plus weekly support from a COACH who will review your work and provide both feedback and advice to support you with completing real deliverables that you can use in your work or with clients. Courses and Virtual Classrooms are accessed via the Stratability Academy Platform.

FULLY CERTIFIED TRAINING: Specific Training Courses carry CPD credits, and others may professional certification levels endorsed by various universities and professional associations. Some Case-Based Training Courses are taught to a professional or practitioner level, where participants can qualify following extended training and submission for their work for examination, to practice THE STRATEGY JOURNEY method as a certified consultant or coach.