Refunds & Cancellations

How does the 14 days refund policy work?


eBooks and all books are not eligible for a refund. Content of this nature once delivered, can be copied, used and applied immediately.

All Other Digital Products
(including Hub Membership, Courses and Programs)

All other Stratability products available online or digitally, have a 14-day refund period, where you can cancel or unenroll within the first 14-days of purchase, in order to receive a full refund. Where you have pre-purchase prior to the commencement of a course, your 14-day refund period will commence at the start date of the course and excludes the pre-purchase period.

Only one refund may be granted per person or legal entity (eg. Business, Organization or Enterprise) per product, so if you cancel your subscription or enrollment, and subsequently re-enroll again, you will not be entitled to an additional 14-day refund period.

Any 14-day trial period offered by us for any of our digital products, are inclusive within this refund period. So, if you have purchased with a 14-day trial period as part of any product, and you fail to cancel prior to this trial period of 14-days lapsing, you will not be eligible for a refund.

Excludes Third Party Services: If you have purchased Stratability Products via a third party service provider, including Kickstarter Backers, any refunds if allowed will follow the terms & conditions of the third party as agreed during purchase. Stratability Academy cannot change, alter or override these terms, and you need to apply directly to the third party or channel directly for any refunds or cancellation.

NB: We will also monitor for any abuse through the use of multiple email accounts and breach of copyright in order to protect any content theft. We will not be giving refunds to any user who is deemed to have violated our Terms of Use.

Refund of Payment Plan Purchase 

For a Stratability Digital Course or Program purchased with a payment plan, upon completion of your purchase (excluding pre-purchases where the refund period will commence at the start date) your 14-day refund period begins.  Following the 14-day refund period, there will be no further refunds, including no partial refunds for termination during the fixed, multi-month term, or during any monthly automatic subscription periods following the initial fixed, multi-month term.

Please make sure you enroll for a term only if you are able to commit to the entire time frame. Per our Terms of Use:

“…you hereby acknowledge and agree that Stratability will not offer refunds on any fees and charges related to your purchase of any Products or Services. This includes any partially used or unused periods for which you have already paid. We do not guarantee refunds for lack of usage or dissatisfaction.

How do I cancel my subscription?

For any product or service on a monthly, multi-month or annual subscription, following your first payment, you may elect to either ‘cancel’ your auto-renew subscription, or if you are in a manual subscription, you can elect not to renew for subsequent months, multi-months or years. You will not be charged again after the billing period in which you cancelled and you will remain actively enrolled in your subscription product or service until the end of any billing period already paid.

NB: All our other services are not subject to the above terms and are independently negotiated as part of a Contract for Services.