Certification, Professional Qualifications and Licensing

Stratability Academy is a private training and education institution that issues the following certification levels, awards and licenses to participants and practitioners of THE STRATEGY JOURNEY Framework and Methodology:

Certificate of Completion

A ‘Certificate of Completion’ indicates course completion only by an individual participant and does not include an award to verify the individual’s level of expertise as a practitioner of the STRATEGY JOURNEY Framework and Methodology nor commercial licensing for the individual to re-use the specific materials and tools. Materials shall also only be available for re-use under a ‘creative commons’ license as part of the individual’s role within a specific company or client company to support the strategy journey activities of its products and services only. It cannot be used for commercial purposes where the materials provided are re-sold or used to obtained revenue as part of a product or service including branding and to increase pricing, without a commercial license. ie. Consulting or Coaching practices or businesses shall require a commercial license and practitioner level awards when using the STRATEGY JOURNEY methodology and its tools, outside of the basic ‘creative commons’ licensing terms.

See https://creativecommons.org/licenses/ for more details.

Stratability Academy shall issue a ‘Certificate of Completion’ to course participants upon completion of the following activities INCLUDED and WITHIN a course or program as follows:

  • Watched all video lessons available on-demand (including live lessons & replays where applicable)
  • Completed the final course completion activity comprised of a short essay (3-5 questions) submission on what they have learned from the course and specific methods by which they know to apply the course materials, including specific tools, templates, and techniques.
  • Proof of completion and identity or ID verification via the completion of the student profile, photo and ID verification and video testimonial upload

Completion and submission shall be verified both automatically and manually by our administrators and may take up to 48 hours or 2 working days. The issuing of certificate shall be notified via email to the receipt.

It DOES NOT INCLUDE the submission, review or grading of case study work or examination by Stratability Academy, which shall be required to validate and verify an individuals level of expertise, quality of work and where an award is issued indicating an individual’s practitioner status and specific level of expertise in the practice of the STRATEGY JOURNEY Framework and methodology, including specific commercial licensing agreements.

Practitioner Award Levels & Commercial Licenses

We provide Professional Qualifications & Awards for specific programs and courses upon assessment of coursework for quality by our team and relevant qualified practitioner, as well as any additional professional certification validations methods necessary. All professional qualifications & awards shall include Commercial Licenses to practice the Strategy Journey Framework and Methodology including use age of tools. Licensing agreements are upon the issuing of the qualification or award.

For more details of the Qualifications or Awards available, please see the individual program or course FAQs or contact us for more information by emailing su*****@st**********.co.