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Success lies in the journey. Not the destination.”  Ben Sweetland

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Your ultimate illustrated guide through every stage of Digital Transformation

With a Five-Model Framework that provides a roadmap of ‘practical’ tips, techniques & tools… to Join·The·Dots and successfully navigate the ‘game of business’ into the future – TODAY!

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What others are saying about the book…

“THE STRATEGY JOURNEY Book does not only explain a framework for strategy, transformation, and some tools to you, but explains the entire journey and all the different aspects you need to consider. It talks about the why, the what, and the how covering critical elements seldom touched upon in these types of books such as leadership, culture, managing stakeholders, and so on. This is what makes it so useful and practical, along with the many case studies.

It is current and in sync, with the digital age we live in. THE STRATEGY JOURNEY weaves topics such as the digital economy, customer centricity, co-creation, and customer journeys into the broader theme of strategic transformation.

Companies across industries – from retail to financial services, and from manufacturing to the public sector – are facing needs to innovate across all those areas, and then bring that innovation to life across the enterprise in a transformation journey. The holistic approach taken in THE STRATEGY JOURNEY is particularly suitable for such endeavours.

Transformation, or change if you will, will be more important than ever in the 2020s. THE STRATEGY JOURNEY is a great asset for those who want to embark on, or work in, such transformation journeys.”

THE STRATEGY JOURNEY is a comprehensive compendium of the frameworks, the processes and the templates behind strategy and its execution through the various lifecycles of a business’ journey and growth. The focus on service design and especially digital services leveraging the power of data and AI technologies in a cloud and service-led ecosystem is the big step that many businesses need to take going forward.

The roadmaps in the book provide both the C-suite and practitioners of any-sized organisation with methods to adapt how they have operated in the past to improve their performance and growth potential in today’s and tomorrow’s digital world.”

“Digital transformation is a complex subject but the authors have summarized the topics into three easy to read sections and enable you to discover the WHY, WHAT and HOW in your business transformation needs. The various templates and canvases empower organization leaders and small and medium enterprise (SME) business owners to carry out their business transformation taking into consideration technology as an enabler, leadership, and organization culture in a structured manner.

THE STRATEGY JOURNEY can be a handy business strategy manual and workbook.”

“This book is a practical guide to doing strategy differently: bringing to life techniques and examples, relevant in our digital world, on how “to do” strategy differently, purposefully and to continuously transform. It brings together the elements required to consider how a business should structure and deliver innovation-driven-transformation.

In a digital world where clients, colleagues and the community matter to be successful, the concept of co-creation is critical. Not getting better, not transforming and innovating is tantamount to failing – this book provides a recipe for how to apply a culture of continuous learning and deliver better results.

Both Graham and Julie have decades of practical experience; their research has its roots in the real world and the evidence of the book’s effectiveness is sourced from the real world. This clearly isn’t abstract theory.

I would consider reading this book as equivalent to ‘an end-to-end MBA refresher’ for senior executives, teaching them to think differently and providing a structured methodology to continuous-transformation from Strategy to Execution.”

DON’T become another STATISTIC – it’s time to change the game!

Today’s ‘game of business’ is a race to:


Welcome to the FUTURE of business…


A comprehensive, full colour, illustrated How To guide that walks you through the Five Stage Framework to navigate the business lifecycle with ‘Effective Digital Transformation’

Using 5 design thinking templated canvases you’ll be able to quickly join·the·dots, identify problems, and follow guided paths to solve any transformation challenge.

This is your complete gamified roadmap for successful digital transformation, through human-centered and value-driven service design with strategy execution END-TO-END.

What others are saying about the book…

“THE STRATEGY JOURNEY book is a hugely important and timely guide to the business community. It demystifies the former ‘black art’ of making a strategy executable by connecting all the existing best practices in the transformation discipline together, adding key missing elements and ‘joining-the-dots’ through data to make the ensuing framework and methodology practical and accessible to both business executives and transformation professionals alike.

The result is a pragmatic, engineered, data driven approach to devising and executing transformation that all businesses need to establish their digital future and to develop agility to react to environmental based threats such as what we experienced with COVID-19.

I have two final thoughts before you read further. “No one likes to create but everybody likes to edit” – Julie and Graham have created a wealth of text and content in THE STRATEGY JOURNEY that can be re-used and applied in your organization. And it’s “Always better to invent the future than try to predict it” – using this book as a guide will allow you to invent the way you do, manage and execute strategy on your journey.”

“If you need to design and build a new digital platform solution or a SaaS business and introduce apps as well as digital services into the architecture of your incumbent or more traditional business model, this book is for you. The roadmap to the Digital Operating Model recommended by the authors is the real path so many businesses need to take if they are to fight against disruption, survive, and even begin to thrive in the challenging environment that we have today.

THE STRATEGY JOURNEY book would be a great tool for someone who is starting their first “Strategy Journey” but also a seasoned “Strategist” would get a lot out of the book. One thing (of many) I especially liked about the book is the way it covers both Technology and Business aspects well. It is full of practical tips and techniques, that will help any professional responsible for implementing digital transformation in and across their organization big or small.

I found THE STRATEGY JOURNEY to be a good balance of theory, case studies and the authors’ experience. The book covers all the key Strategy principles in a clear, easy to read and condensed format. It uses case studies of well known brands to reinforce the importance of a specific Strategy principle. It’s a book that I will certainly keep within arms reach and reference regularly.”

“THE STRATEGY JOURNEY provides an easily accessible contextual framework and a set of practical methodologies for Business Owners, C-Level Executives, Managers, Coaches and Business Advisors which enable businesses to successfully navigate towards their strategic goals. It supports the critical foundations of both startups and larger organizations looking to re-calibrate and transform. Most importantly, it enables businesses to become more responsive, rather than reactive, to the fast changing world we live in.

The business world continues to evolve at great pace and COVID-19 has further highlighted the importance of “Enterprise-Wide Agility” and a culture of “Continuous Value Creation“. Only the most adaptable firms will thrive, while others simply focus on surviving.”

“An excellent, timely and practical book on business strategy for business practitioners and coaches.

It is not merely a book on business strategy in theory per se but rather a circular loop of strategy journey that includes business transformation; the one most critical challenge faced by companies, big, small and new startups, to be able to remain relevant and sustainable in the digital economy going forward, and on the immediate term, the rather severe post Covid19 challenges and market shift.

The book suggests THE STRATEGY JOURNEY as a framework to manage digital transformation in a structured way. It connects the dots, using data science, via roadmaps focused on helping businesses to thrive in the digital economy.

The frameworks are relevant to all businesses, especially small businesses. All businesses must transform to leverage emerging technology to better serve the markets or customers. Otherwise, they will certainly lose their relevancy and competitiveness, perished by competition, or disrupted by a new business model.

A must read to walk THE STRATEGY JOURNEY in the digital economy!”

Who is this book for?

Whether you’re a business owner, CEO, COO, entrepreneur, strategist, architect, designer, data scientist or transformational specialist
– this invaluable guide will teach you how to:

  • Lay the right architectural foundations
  • Leverage the latest digital technology
  • Identify and overcome transformation challenges
  • Future proof your business through value design
  • Maximise opportunities using data-driven services

Enabling you to BRIDGE THE GAP and JOIN·THE·DOTS between strategy design and execution, as well as business and technology 

Created by practitioner architects, designers, scientists and entrepreneurs to enable better and faster strategy execution

With speed to market in a fast changing digital economy

The authors and collaborators are real people, who’ve held real positions with real companies from all over the world and navigated real journeys to achieve major transformations…
– that have delivered value from a few million to 10s of billions to customers and stakeholders.

With over 100+ years of experiences full of discoveries, lessons learned and secrets that blend business transformation with digital technologies – now unlocked

Who is this book for?

The Value-Driven Method To Join·The·Dots In Digital Transformation To Take Your Strategy Journeys To The Next Level.

Build Value Driven, Customer Co-created and Network Connected services with an enterprise that is operating with true BUSINESS AGILITY – Your ultimate keys to success!

300+ pages of expertise that would cost you many tens or hundreds of thousands, if you hired a professional business consultant or coach, or many millions if you went to a digital agency or management consultancy.

The method to navigate the Five Stages of THE STRATEGY JOURNEY

→ the lifecycle of every business big or small, for-profit & not-for-profit

Covering the Four Pillars of a Good Life…

Health, Wealth, Knowledge & Connectivity

The Strategy Journey contains the roadmap you need to transform for success in the digital age!

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Meet The Authors, Co-Creators & Advisers

In THE STRATEGY JOURNEY, lead author Julie Choo shares her invaluable Framework and Guided Paths, developed from her experience as a product architect and data scientist from designing, architecting and managing service innovations and assets from $6million to $60billion. 

Her team of co-experts include Physicist and Enterprise Architect, Dr Graham Christison, Leadership Expert Lauren Houghton, Executive Coach & Entrepreneur Judge Sam Chia, and many others … including adaptions of advice from former UK Government Financial Advisor Kelvin King…

Together they have over 100+ years combined digital, data, customer co-created and implementation based business expertise…
– worth many millions if you add up all the consulting and advisory work, and programs delivered, they have provided in that time – now brought to you in one comprehensive book.

A former software engineer and later Fintech Product Architect, Julie specialized in Intelligent Networks, VoIP, and Big Data, and more recently, AI and Blockchain services. She’s helped big brands like General Motors, General Electric, HSBC, Barclays, and Deutsche Bank, to scale their operating models and launch new global business lines and service innovations that leverage the latest technologies. Julie has also worked with many small & medium sized businesses (SMEs) and tech start-ups to leverage data and AI-based services including the design and development of new digital services, to help these companies grow through effective digital transformation.

Along with Co-Author Graham Christison, Julie has been invited to lecture at business schools around the world, including the prestigious ‘London Institute of Banking and Finance’ where they have recently co-authored the “Strategy & Innovation in Banking” course – also available in 90 countries since 2019 as a MOOC .

With a PHD in Physics, Graham was Chief Scientist for an emerging healthcare start-up that developed new technology, before moving into banking, where he ran enterprise architecture and operating models as a managing director for big banks like UBS, Standard Bank, and HSBC. Graham’s specialism is in emerging markets, giving him the expert insight needed to successfully scale using new technology in growing economies.

A former Regional Vice President of a global specialty chemical business, Sam has over 30 years of business experience in building and growing regional businesses and leaders across the Asia Pacific with a global listed organization. He is a Chartered Certified accountant by training, FCCA, FCA (Singapore), holds an MBA, completed high potentials leadership program with Harvard Business School, and achieved Professional Certified Coach (PCC) certification with International Coach Federation (ICF).

Sam is currently an award-winning leadership and business coach. He has trained and coached leaders from government agencies, not-for-profit organizations, S&P 500 companies to SMEs in the Asia Pacific to improve their personal and business performance through culture, leadership, and business transformation.

An accomplished strategic advisor, professional facilitator and executive coach,  Lauren has 22 years+ experience helping business leaders align their strategies for growth and diversification. Her corporate experiences saw her leading the People & Organisational Capability function for Microsoft Asia and head of the IT Institute Business School for Credit Suisse. She is a commercially-focused leadership performance, human resources and organisational effectiveness professional, with extensive experience designing and implementing organizational development strategies and performance management systems for global blue-chip organisations across Asia, Australia and Europe. Lauren is a Professional Certified Coach with the ICF, and Marshal Goldsmith Stakeholder Centred Coaching amongst other certifications and qualifications, and delivers programs also for National University of Singapore Business School.

Senior Partner at Valuation Consulting LLP, Kelvin previously founded the Society of Share and Business Valuers, was the founding expert of Lord Woolf’s Expert Witness Institute, and served on the UK Government’s Share Valuation Council for 17 years. In the Strategy Journey he lends his expert opinion to Julie’s sections on asset and company valuation, that advises how to best leverage network effects, and increase the value of your business through assets.

“THE STRATEGY JOURNEY is a masterpiece.

It weaves together novel elements with existing concepts and disciplines for a sweeping scope of subject matter, artfully ‘joining-the-dots’ from strategy to execution in a digital context. It does this in the language of the business and with a rare coherence and clarity.

It is highly practical with each element usefully illustrated through real business examples to evidence the application of the content and show its value. Regardless of your role within an organization, this book will help you understand how business really works, where it is going, and importantly how to build the capability to achieve the business agility required for continual business transformation.

THE STRATEGY JOURNEY underscores the critical role business architecture plays across the entire journey from strategy to execution and in the orchestration of change. It highlights the importance of value led thinking, driven through co-creation processes between customers, the business and business architects, facilitated by a common shared language.

This book is a must-read for every business architecture practitioner as the answer to our greatest challenge and opportunity lies within it: how to understand, speak the language, integrate into, and deliver relevant value within the bigger picture context of business and its strategic journey.”