THE STRATEGY JOURNEY eBook (LIBF Special Edn): Registration & Login Instructions

Registration & Login Instructions


Students enrolled in the Level 6 Strategic Management & Innovation in Banking (SMIB) qualification from the London Institute of Banking and Finance (LIBF), have pre-purchased access to a special edition of THE STRATEGY JOURNEY e-book published by the Stratability Academy.

Your registration license key and account creation details to access these special edition materials, will have been emailed to you by LIBF Administration.

Here are the Guidance Instructions to complete the registration process and to access your materials:

Platform Registration & Login

You will need to login to the Stratability Academy Platform to view your Special Edition pages of THE STRATEGY JOURNEY e-Book.

Upon your confirmed enrollment to SMIB, LIBF sends you an email containing:

Instructions to register for access (as per this page)

  • ✅ A special first-time login/registration link

✅ License key (this is unique per student)

Please check for this email and click on the registration link to go to the Registration page below to signup for access.

On the Registration page, please provide a unique username and also add/apply your license key.
NB: Your license key is a pre-paid coupon to remove the regular price of the BOOK (valued at USD$49).

Proceed to the confirmation page and complete your registration by ticking the ‘Terms & Conditions’ acceptance box followed by the COMPLETE REGISTRATION button.

Platform and Special Edition eBook Registration Pages (by Invitation Only):

Once successfully registered using your license key code, you’ll be able to access your Special Edition book resources from the eBOOK Training Content page, with links into the TOPICS for UNIT 1 or UNIT 2.

TRAINING CONTENT on Stratability Academy

If you login directly (once registered) from, you will be directed to your user ‘Dashboard’. Click on the ‘Go to Materials’ button for the Special Edition book to access your resources.

NB: You can request access to the additional Member Resources from the Stratability Academy available to all book owners for your personal and career development. Just submit a request using the contact form

User Dashboard on Stratability Academy

Access eBOOK pages and downloads from SMIB course site

There are many reference links throughout both UNIT 1 and especially in UNIT 2 of SMIB, that point you to THE STRATEGY JOURNEY eBook Special Edition resources available on the Stratability Academy Platform.

Upon clicking on one of these links on the SMIB course site, you will be redirected to a specific eBook resource page or download if you are also logged in already to the Stratability Academy Platform.

If you are not logged in, you will see the following page indicating that you need to login. Once you have logged in (using the account registered as per guidance instructions above), you will automatically be redirected to the correct eBook resource page or download.

You can also access all downloadable resources specific to SMIB on the ‘Materials’ tab located on the main training page for the Course.

Restricted Content Login page:

NB: The ‘Purchase Access NOW’ button on this special login page directed you to this page with these instructions.

Example eBook page (redirected):

LIBF notifications

Materials’ tab on main training page:

Stratability Academy Resources 'Materials' tab