Data Driven Transformation Service Design

Stratability Team · July 8, 2021

Data Driven Transformation Service Design (DATS) is a 14-week deep dive professional training course from the Stratability Academy. It teaches the art and science of ‘Transformation Design’ and ‘Transformation Thinking’ which combines Design Thinking together with Operational Excellence following the Strategy Journey Methodology.

This course has been setup to help you practically learn and apply the tools and techniques from the Strategy Journey Framework, to achieve successful Service Design and Innovation that is delivered through Business and Digital Transformation of the Operating Model in an enterprise, business unit, function…

As a participant of this course, you will take on the role of an Service Designer, responsible for leading and driving successful data-driven service innovation that can be executed through transformation in the Operating Model… and thus delivering outcomes of value for a real-world business problem to real customers, users and stakeholders in a case study project.

Program Introduction

Data Driven Transformation Service Design (DATS) is one of the two courses in the
Transforming Operating Models with Service Design (TOMS) Path and Program, along with sister course Operating Model Transformation Design (OMTD).

Together, the two courses in the full TOMS program enable business and digital transformation practitioners to learn and apply the full STRATEGY JOURNEY PATH, where effective transformation is achieved through bridging the gap between strategy design and strategy execution, and data is used to join-the-dots and connect people (customers, users and stakeholders) with networks, in the end-to-end strategy journey that is experienced and undertaken by enterprises.

The TOMS Program Introduction will help to establish the context and foundation that you need to progress and gain benefit from your course, including Orientation, and covering the background Behind the Method, the Learning Pathway, and the role of the TOMS Path in Business & Digital Transformation.

The Process, Course Structure & Learning Journey

This course covers the 6 stage process to design and co-create the Target Service Value Model Model (SVM) for the benefit of customers, users and stakeholders in an enterprise their self-directed or self-bundled Service Journey.

You will learn how to practically apply this 6 stage process in the 6 Modules of this course, where you will undergo a learning journey by completing a set of the exercises step-by-step, to solve a real-world business problem outlined in a Case Study Project Brief.

🎥. Watch the video for full details of The Process, Course Structure and Learning Journey that you will be undertaking over the 14 weeks on the course:

Launching on 7th December 2022

Training Content

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MODULE 1 - Scoping the Customer Value Proposition for Service Design
MODULE 2 - Discovering the problems in the customer journey
MODULE 3 - Identifying Service Gap Opportunities for Innovation & Growth
MODULE 4 - Deriving User Journeys with stickiness effects
MODULE 5 - Modeling the Unique Service Value Stream & its Value Ecosystem
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